Free spirit


I am an explorer and visual storyteller with an interest in documenting the daily life, humanities and culture. I'm currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have been attracted by beauty since I was little and I had the pleasure to discover an old National Geographic Magazine that my parents had. Since then I felt comfortable around fine arts, architecture, music and of course, nature. 

When I first started considering photography..the only thing that came to mind was how would I be able to capture everything I see in its essence. It has become my quest since that very moment.


The bravely joy of the new fulfilled talent, tossed me in meadows, where my nose was flicked by the ears of wheat, and a perfume like the one in heaven was all around.

The dew above the meadow began to disappear; I spin in circles that grow without knowing what I am: a falcon, a storm, a song.



…but knowledge has levels of different depths that can only be touched by living fully. And this is accompanied by power, courage and peace more and more profound.